See? Now you can all shut up.

We're back or whatever. Weclome to this barely legal, barely edited show! Who knows what awaits you? 

Marriage eh? Whether you're married or not, there's no denying that marriage is a thing. Come on now. You can't even argu- oh for fuck sake. This epis...View Details

So a long time ago we recorded a special experimental NEW FORMAT with our good pal Paula McGuire. It obviously didn't work, alright? But it's funny in...View Details

We're bored and we're back! A quick roundup of games patter, testing out HOME RECORDING etc so pls bear with us. Or leave, there's the door mate. www....View Details

Games are HUGE right now so it's time to look back at the last generation with a CRITICAL EYE.   Geshcast X Evolution returns...and promises to be...o...View Details

You're probably not going to understand just how lucky you are to be listening to this show, tbh. That means 'to be honest', btw. It was a true Festiv...View Details

Goin' underground etc etc. Y'know? Anyway listen this was a great episode from a long time ago. So I don't know what to tell you. Please support SNES ...View Details

It's time to celebrate that continent we know so well. Also remember this was recorded in a different time, so we make a lot of Toto jokes. It wasn't ...View Details

Christmas is of course, our Halloween. Time to celebrate that, non? Please support SNES Season 4 by visiting our Patreon: And...View Details

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